to advocate for their rights and interests

from market participants
Recourse mechanisms
Support for affected investors

About the Club

In March 2022, European central securities depositories Euroclear and Clearstream suspended services for NSD's accounts, depriving Russian and international investors of the ability to dispose of their holdings with Moscow Exchange.
To protect investors' legal rights, Moscow Exchange and NSD, together with professional associations NAUFOR, NFA, Association Russia, as well as major banks, brokers and management companies, established the Investor Protection Club.

Goals and tasks

Establishing a channel of communication
with affected investors
Elaboration of a legal
protection mechanism for investors
Development of a strategy to uphold the rights
and interests of all affected investors
Advise market participants
on the restrictions imposed

Our members

107 companies
leaders in the finance and investment categories

Candidate's questionnaire
to the "Investor Protection Club"

Download and complete the questionnaire and send it to


Contact us

Banks, brokers and asset management companies, as well as their clients affected by the blocking of assets at NSD, can contact the Club's representative at


What is the purpose of the Club?
The Investor Protection Club was established by Moscow Exchange and NSD in partnership with professional communities and market participants to develop a strategy and approaches to protect the rights and interests of investors affected by the actions of European securities depositories.
What steps do you plan to take to help the affected investors?
Moscow Exchange intends to defend the interests of investors and NSD in European jurisdiction. In particular, it plans to legally challenge European Union sanctions on NSD. This will help protect the rights of investors whose assets have been blocked by international central securities depositories.
What entities are eligible for the Club?
The Club is open to any professional participant, i.e. a bank, broker or asset management company, with end investors suffered from the blocking of NSD's accounts with European central securities depositories.
How to join the Club?
To join the Club, an applicant should fill out an application form. After reviewing the application form, the Club will contact the applicant company.
Can private investors join the Club?
No, private investors are represented in the Club by professional investors, i.e. banks, brokers and asset management companies.
When will the club meetings be held?
Meetings of the Club members will be held on an ongoing basis. Members will be notified of upcoming events in due course.
How do I learn about the Club's results?
The resolutions of the Club meetings and the Club results are to be published in the "Club meetings" section, Telegram channel as well as in press releases of Moscow Exchange and NSD and through other channels of communication. Materials will be available on the websites of the companies and in the news feed on this page. In order to promptly respond to investors' questions, a list of questions and answers on relevant topics is constantly updated on the NSD website.